Lab Supplies Nordic was founded in 2020 and is an instrument and consumables partner for laboratories. We have a wide network of producers and suppliers from around the world and we assist customers in finding solutions with focus on quality and reliable delivery. 

The founders of Lab Supplies Nordic have long and vast experience from laboratory operations,  both as laboratory engineers and from sales of analytical instruments and consumables. With this experiences we can offer our customers qualitative and flexible solutions.

We have local warehouse and logistics functions, ensuring a high service level for our customers. We also have the opportunity to stock customer´s  products, ensuring access and prompt supply of consumables also for those without possibilities to keep their own on-site stock. 

We offer high quality products at an attractive price, with a genuine and professional support. 

Welcome to a versatile partner for your lab. 

Lab Supplies Nordic was created in 2020 based on the idea of ​​being an instruments, accessories and consumables partner making life easier for laboratories.


Lab Supplies Nordic AB

BOX 4008, 

800 04 Gävle

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