BINDER is the leading expert on environmental simulation chambers and has produced premium incubators for over 30 years in Germany. Company is very famous for their outstanding quality and long lasting incubators. Their Incubators and CO2 incubators are a very good choice for both academia and private companies that has high expectations on consistence for their research projects. Lab Supplies Nordic also offer installation, IQ OQ and service contract when purchasing equipment. 


BINDER CO₂ incubators are safe, reliable, smart, and economical. So they are perfect for every cell culture laboratory. The CB-S series masters common standard applications such as cell production with ease. The CB series is also recommended for cell-based assays and is indispensable to the development of active pharmaceutical ingredient and in the field of medical research. With its high-end features, the CBF series even proves its worth in the GMP environments found in the stem cell research and cell therapy sectors. All models are impressively easy to use and clean and stand out thanks to their pioneering BINDER anti-contamination concept.


BINDER  incubators Avantgarde.Line incubators with natural convection or forced convection are now the perfect solution when it comes to meeting growth and incubation requirements. With their exceptional efficiency and perfect temperature accuracy thanks to the very latest APT.line™ technology, this new generation of incubators has real appeal 

The Binder incubators Avantgarde.Line series is specially designed for gentle incubation of organisms, as well as conditioning of heat-sensitive media. The new design of the units and the homogeneous temperature distribution ensure the very best results.

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