We have chosen our suppliers with care. Below you will find our largest suppliers.

Glass Expansion

Market-leading supplier and manufacturer of accessories and consumables for ICP and flow cytometry.


Supplier of circulation coolers for ICP from Agilent and PerkinElmer.  

ALWSCI Technologies

ALWSCI Technologies manufacture of vials, caps and syringe filter with high quality and competitive pricing.


German quality brand of liquid handling supplies such measuring bottle/flask, pipette and bottle dispensers.


UGAB InnoGUARD delivers Swedish-made laboratory furniture such as acid-resistant fume cupboards, benches, and smart storage solutions, regardless of whether it is for teaching or for an industrial laboratory. 

Merck Millipore

Merck Millipore is the market-leading supplier of equipment that produces laboratory water, whether it is type 3 or type 1 water alias industry-standard "MilliQ water" or ultra-polished type 1 water for the extra demanding ICP-OES and ICP-MS analyses. 


Macherey-Nagel manufactures high-quality accessories and consumables infiltration, rapid analyzes (pH, etc.), photometric water analysis (COD, phosphate, nitrate, etc.), and consumption for chromatography.


ESCO is a supplier of laminar flow bench (LAF) class I to III. Contact us and we can help you with advice, installation, and service.  

Suzhou ACE Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company that is committed to providing high-quality disposable articles for medical use and laboratory plastics used in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic laboratories and life sciences research laboratories. We have extensive experience in research and development of life science plastics and produce the most innovative environmentally and user-friendly biomedical consumables. All our products are produced in our own class 100,000 clean rooms. To ensure the best quality that meets or exceeds industry standards, we use only the highest quality raw materials and high-precision equipment. The supplier is ISO 13485 and ECC and EC certified.