We offer BRAND micropipettes in sizes from 0.1 tilll to 10 ml for pipetting in the laboratory. Here you will discover the single-channel or multi-channel pipette versions of Transferpette® S and Transferpette® electronic.


Brand dispensers for dosing liquids in the laboratory. Discover Dispensette® S and seripettor® bottle vending machines here . 


The best Dispensette® ever with improvements in almost every detail: - Extremely easy filling and dispensing - Easy priming with optimized flow channels - Quick and safe volume adjustment with internally curved groove The right bottle-top dispenser for every application: Dispensette® S, suitable for a Incredibly wide range of uses, especially for acids, brines and organic solvents. Dispensette® S Organic, ideal for dispensing organic solvents and acids. Dispensette® S Trace Analysis, specialized for dispensing high-purity acids, bases and water.

   Repetitive pipettes

Here you will find the right mechanical or electronic repetitive pipette for efficient dispensing of long series


HandyStep® S - the repetitive pipette for all occasions! Ideal for routine or research applications in diagnostics, molecular biology, environmental analysis and many more. HandyStep® S and PD tips work according to the direct displacement principle. This provides the highest precision for dispensing liquid media with high viscosity, high density or high vapor pressure. Direct displacement enables contamination-free operation, as no aerosols are formed. More data and facts: increased chemical resistance through innovative plastic materials, easy tip mounting - the PD tip is now simply inserted from below, volume range from 2 tilll to 5 ml, up to 49 dispensing steps, weighs only 108 g, suitable for use with BRAND PD tips , Encode tips, Repet tips, Combitips®, Combitips® plus and other compatible dispenser tips, CE-IVD compliant.

Pipetting Aids


In many laboratories, pipette controls are indispensable for daily tasks in cell culture labs, pharmaceutical laboratories and chemistry labs. These instruments are subject to distinctly different requirements depending on the application: dividing cells into cell culture often requires maximum effect during aspiration and dispensing, while media exchange requires sensitive handling to prevent adherent cells from detaching from their substrate. In analytical applications, the power of the instrument must be adapted to the volume of the bulb and graduated pipettes, in order to be able to adjust the meniscus quickly and, above all, accurately.

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