Circulation cooler 

Polyscience Durachill CA10 with Turbine Pump

  • 1HP, 240V, 50Hz
  • Cooling Capacity @ 20°C: 2650 W
  • Max Flow 2.9 gpm (11 l/min)
  • Max Pressure 75 psi (5.2 bar)

Compatible with Perkinelmer Avio 2X0/5X0, NexION 350/1000/2000, Agilent 5110/5800/5900, 7600/7700/7900 and 8900

Plastic Consumables 

Consumption to be used in analysis with ICP and AAS. All pipes are made of pure plastic and tested for use as test tubes in metal analysis.

  • 50mL PP centrifuge tubes with PE screw cap, sterile, Ø30x115 mm, conical bottom.
  • 15mL PP centrifuge tubes with PE screw cap, sterile, Ø17x120 mm, conical bottom. 
  • 4 ml PP round tube without push cork, Ø16.8x105 mm, round bottom .
  • 12 ml PP conical tube push cork Ø17x110 mm, conical bottom with volume marking.
  • Push cork, fits pipes Ø 15.5, 16, 16.5, 16.8, and 17 mm. 

ICP consumables and accessories 

Regardless of the instrument supplier and model of ICP, you can reduce your operating costs by ordering glass parts (torch, nebulizer, spray chamber), hoses, and other accessories such as Argon humidifier and autosamplers from us. If you want to know which article numbers are right for your ICP, contact us via our contact page or email us at info@labsuppliesnordic.se.