AltemisLab AlteCap series provides decap and recap solution for single Tube handling, plate row and column handling and fully automatic rack handling for 2D barcoded tubes. 

AlteCap Solo quickly caps and recaps AlteTubes and other manufactures screw caps for 2D barcoded tubes. Its small design and easy loading through usb charging makes it an easy lab tool for your biobanking process. 

AlteCap Swith is the only decapper on the market that easily can switch between 6, 8 and 12 formats. It works with any manufacture of 2D barcoded tubes on the market.  It has a cassette system that gives the flexibility to work with different formats like 48,96 and different manufactures biobank plates. 

AlteCap Swift automatically cap and decap  a full rack of tubes in 10 seconds. Its compatible with AltemisLab tubes and other manufactures of 2D barcoded tubes.   It works with 24, 48 and 96 tubes in SBS format and can handle all 2D barcoded tubes on the market.  It has a Drip tray that prevents any dripping from a Cap after decap to reach the samples.  AlteCap Swift is integration friendly with drivers for liquid handlers and options like extended rack positions and remote-control capacity. 

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