Reagents, chemicals and standards  

MACHEREY-NAGEL offers a wide range of reagents, chemicals and standards. 

NANOCOLOR Cuvette test kit 

NANOCOLOR Chemicals 

NANOCOLOR Standard kit


High quality spectrophotometers from MACHEREY-NAGEL. From simple and robust filter photometers to precise monochromator-based UV / Vis spectrophotometers. All instruments have the function Nephelometric turbidity analysis at 860nm (based on ISO 7027), with measuring ranges 0.1 / 1-1000 NTU. All instruments are delivered with pre-programmed tests for quick start-up and a 2-year warranty. 

Photometer PF-12 Plus 345/436/470/540/585/620/690/860 nm incl. NTU (art. No. MN919250) 

NANOCOLOR Advance 340-800 nm incl. NTU (art. No. MN919750) NANO photometer VIS II 320-1100 nm incl. 

                                                                NTU (art. No. MN919650.1) NANO photometer UV / VIS II 190-1100 nm incl. NTU                                                                    (art. No.MN919600.1)

Heating block 

Heating blocks of very good quality from MACHEREY-NAGEL. Can be offered from capacity of 6 piece 16 mm OD tubes up to 2 x 12 pieces 16 mm OD tubes. 

Up to 12 programmed temperatures. 

Up to 12 programmed time intervals.

 Rapid heating from 10 minutes between 20 ° C to 160 ° C