Tecan Liha / FCA 200ul sterila med filter 2304 pieces

Short Description:

Available as standard, filtered and/or liquid sensing RNase&DNase free, endotoxin, bioburden and pyrogen free Low percentage coefficient of variation (%CV) Capacity range:20ul,50μL,200μL,1000μL Product category:With/without filter,sterilized, transparent/conductive/low adsorption,RNase-/DNase-free Compatibility: Tecan® Genesis Freedom®/Freedom Evo®/Miniprep with LiHa-1, -4, -8 head, Aurora Biomed Versa® with 8-Channel head 10ul,50ul,200ul,1000ul Tecan-Style Robotic Liquid Level Sensing tips

2304 tips per case.

3,917.00 kr