HydraMist Kit for Avio with HTS system

Including Trident CT Connector (Artikelnr GE70-803-1808), Internal Standard Sample Probe (artikelnr GE60-808-1187), Ratchet Connector (Artikelnr GE70-803-1350), HydraMist Spray Chamber with S13 (artikelnr GE20-809-4937), CT Mixing Chamber (Artikelnr GE60-703-1119), PVC Pump Tube Long 2tag (95mm) 3.17mm ID Black/White, 12/pkg (Artikelnr GE3.17-BLKW-95-L), Contour Flared End PVC Pump Tube 3tag (95mm) 1.02mm ID White/White, 6/pkg (Artikelnr GE1.02-WHT3B-95-F), Contour Flared End PVC Pump Tube 3tag (95mm) 0.76mm ID Black/Black, 6/pkg (Artikelnr GE0.76-BLK3B-95-F)

19 584,00 kr