PCC Spray Chamber for Agilent 7800/7900 (includes Niagara mount)

Including PCC Module for Agilent 7700/7800/7900/8800/8900 (Artikelnr 20-809-3427), Mount Assembly for Agilent 7800, 7900, 8800 IsoMist/PCC (Artikelnr GE21-809-4364), Twister Spray Chamber for IsoMist ROL V2 (Artikelnr GE21-809-3186), Nebulizer Connector 60mm x 0.25mm ID x 1.58mm OD (Artikelnr GE70-803-1161), Connector Assembly GAZ-08-08 (Artikelnr GE21-809-4562), UV Shield For KT-1144 (Artikelnr GE70-803-1893), S13 Elbow with Aux Port (Artikelnr GE21-809-4633), Auxiliary Gas Connector (Artikelnr GE70-803-1210), Transfer Tube Support (Artikelnr GE21-809-4621) and UniFit with 2.0mm OD X 0.86mm ID x 480mm long sample tube (1 piece) (Artikelnr GEUFT-2-86) and Helix CT locking screw with seal (Artikelnr GE70-803-1439).

51 180,00 kr